Adapting to a membership-first revenue model for publications An in-depth chat with Zetland's CEO, Tav Klitgaard.

85% of publishers believe that reader revenue will be their main revenue stream going forward.

Publication businesses are rapidly moving away from traditional revenue models like advertising and newsstand sales. To survive and thrive, one emerging trend they are following is adapting to the membership model. This not only helps publishers maintain their cash flow and create a frictionless checkout experience, but also helps build a community of loyal and engaged audience and lets them grow their readership across globally.

Save a seat and listen to Tav & Ashwini talk about how adapting to a reader revenue model is the best way to grow your audience.

Let's take a closer look at:

  • Essentials of running a successful publication business
  • How to successfully implement and scale a reader-revenue model
  • Growing your readership across borders
  • Devising a faster go-to-market strategy for your publication business in 2021
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