How to build an efficient Quote-to-Cash workflow for SaaS sales teams 🚀📈

You’ve won an enterprise deal!! 

But just when you’re basking in your success, you realize your deal is done only when the finance team approves your quote. Thinking about the approval tennis game with the finance team, you feel your deal slipping through your fingers.

So close yet so far...

According to a Salesforce study, “65% of the sales reps spend time on non-selling tasks”. That’s 65% of the time sales reps should be spending closing deals! Imagine how much revenue you’re losing right there!

Join us for a masterclass on how to take charge of your sales cycle, close more deals, and avoid doing shuttle runs to the finance desk. Be in complete command of the subscription sales process — from order to cash to loyalty, without your sales team ever leaving their CRM.

What we will discuss:

  • Understanding the nitty gritties of the Quote-to-Cash process
  • How to shorten your Quote-to-Cash cycle
  • Employing enterprise-grade functionality in your sales process
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