[Webinar & AMA] Demystifying SaaS Growth in Europe

Rapid scale brings inevitable complications across the subscription process. Especially if you are a SaaS business trying to expand into Europe.
Join Vikram Bhaskaran from Chargebee and Timmy Nielsen from GoCardless as they discuss what it takes to capture the European market. 
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The European market is primed for massive growth already with industry experts predicting a 25% CAGR by 2023.

But expanding into European markets poses its own set of challenges. Multiple languages and currencies, local regulations, complex VAT scenarios and a unique set of compliance rules.

Did we say EU-VAT already?

Add the new PSD2 standards coming into play this September, the IFRS-15 revenue recognition standards, and the GDPR horrors from last year that we’re still reeling from - And you start to see why even Genghis, Attila, and Saladin could never conquer Europe.

In this webinar, join Timmy Nielsen and Vikram Bhaskaran to demystify what it really takes to grow subscription revenue in Europe.

 Key Takeaways :

  1. Nuances of the European market and transforming your billing to accommodate them.
  2. The 8 dimensions of payments you need to sell successfully in Europe.
  3. Understanding PSD2, and what it means to your SaaS business.
  4. Staying on top of EU-VAT and compliance regulations in Europe