A Masterclass for SaaS Businesses to Manage Churn Better in 2021

Customer retention becomes an essential survival or growth lever in challenging market conditions such as the one we find ourselves in at this moment. Every customer retained makes a huge difference and should be your top priority for 2021, if it is not already, especially since, it is 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer.

But right now, there is no evidence to suggest how long these uncertain conditions will prevail. Hence, companies are trying hard to retain their customers by providing additional revenue relief, deferred or flexible payment terms, or even offering to pause instead of cancelling subscriptions for those impacted heavily.
Join us for a masterclass on how to sustainably reduce churn, improve your churn rate and stand firm in 2021!

What we'll discuss:

  • Understanding churn and involuntary churn
  • Leading indicators for high-risk customers
  • Metrics and KPIs to monitor for a healthier business
  • Success stories of SaaS businesses - how they reduced churn using Chargebee.
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