Key Metrics You Need To Track For Your Company’s Health

This webinar will walk you through creating impactful revenue reports, key metrics your finance and RevOps functions should track to bring in a semblance of sanity to your Revenue Operations, and what should you view each metric in conjunction with, depending on the stage of your business.


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Any successful SaaS business needs a reporting system that shows them the bigger picture. Trends from sales, marketing, product, customer success should be derived to support rapid growth. 

Reporting tells us what’s happened in the past. Where do we want to go? This is a question that businesses should aim to answer. 

But dealing with data that lacks sanity between disparate systems only blocks your growth especially when all you are looking for is accurate information and enhanced productivity. 

That’s why we are hosting a webinar on Key Metrics You Need To Track For Your Company’s Health — a telling of how we eat our own dogfood to track our critical metrics. 

Join Karthik Srinivasan, Director of Finance, Chargebee and Pragya Singh, Customer Engagement Specialist, Chargebee, as they talk about tracking crucial metrics for better revenue reporting with RevenueStory and Chargebee.