Aiming a Successful Pricing Change?        What you can learn from Chargebee's Pricing Journey

Chargebee's ARR has been growing at a 4X rate for the last five years. But this wasn't the case always. One important parameter that fueled this growth and helped us shoot up our ARPU by 3X were our experiments with pricing. Most businesses do not get their pricing right immediately. Are you pricing it too low or high, using the right data to develop your pricing strategy, etc.?

Tune in for the webinar and learn from Vikram Bhaskaran and Walker Szurek how Chargebee experimented with its pricing to hit the sweet spot. Gain insights on the pricing models Chargebee implemented for other businesses, and the many practices SaaS businesses follow related to the realm of pricing.

Let's take a closer look at:

  • Chargebee's Pricing Experiments - wins, failures, and learnings.
  • Identification of the key metrics for your freemium to work.
  • Pricing experiments you can try out for your SaaS.
  • Factors to consider and metrics to monitor while doing a pricing change.
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