Scaling a SaaS Business: How to supercharge growth for long-term success

From inception to scale, founders and business leaders have to make timely and strategic decisions that directly impact their company’s growth. However, oftentimes this growth leads to operational complexities – both internal and external. To avoid these inevitable challenges, you must consider the key elements for building and scaling successful SaaS and subscription businesses.

In this fireside chat, Krish Subramanian, CEO of Chargebee, was joined by Brad Coffey, Chief Customer Officer at Pipe, to discuss how to prepare for such complexities and the lessons learned from their journeys as leaders at fast-growing SaaS companies.

Some of the key questions discussed during their chat:
  • What makes a great subscription business?
  • How do you know if you have a product-market fit?
  • What can you do to drive the metrics that really matter?
  • When is it a good time to start considering becoming a multi-product company?
  • How can the right tooling and capital stack reduce operational complexities?

View the recording here: